About us

Labelsoft is a mobile application and general software developer based in Florida. With humble beginnings, Labelsoft began its story in 2007 as a web development service. With the exponential growth of the internet around the world in the mid-2000's, the founders of Labelsoft recognized an opportunity to use their skill and passion for software development to create something of their own.
Labelsoft was created as an avenue by which our group of devoted programmers could publish creations for the world to see. Unfortunately, this was not always a feasible goal; in the beginning, ambitions were set aside so we could achieve sustainability and growth. We focused primarily on web development for clients as a means to grow our name and gain the experience and notability necessary to succeed as a software developer. During the time that Labelsoft existed mainly as a web developer, our developers, designers, and leaders developed and tested their various skills and their ability to create new and innovative projects. Though we did not create Labelsoft principally as a web developer, the knowledge we attained is invaluable and the experiences we had were critical for becoming the company we are today.
Our experience has given us insight into both the needs of our users and what we must do to meet them. The most important principles necessary to meet our users needs are innovation and quality. In today's rapidly globalizing world, competition in every aspect of every industry is becoming increasingly fierce; companies must find new ways to stand out or risk being overtaken. We turn to innovation to distinguish ourselves from the rest. Innovation in our projects stems from our emphasis on research and our proudly diverse employees. Research enables us to utilize new ideas and techniques to improve our users' experiences and diversity gives us various perspectives from which to draw new concepts. Innovation alone does not suffice for success. The quality of our programs is essential for our success and our reputation as a reliable source of software. The performance of our software reflect our values: Efficiency and simplicity. Efficiency in our software makes it effective and widely usable while simplicity makes it intuitive to use. Additionally, we ensure that the design and aesthetics of our creations reflect the quality and care with which they are developed. Together efficiency, simplicity, and design elevate the quality of our productions that in turn gives our users a memorable experience. All of our efforts are ultimately to give our users the best experience possible.
Around 2010, we found ourselves in a position to achieve what we had set out to do, publish our own creations to the world. We began the process of transforming from almost exclusively web developers to developers of all types of software. The advent of smart phones gave us a means by which our software can help improve a person's life throughout the day and not just at the computer. From this idea was born our fascination with mobile software and resulting emphasis on mobile application development. Today we are the proud developers of various projects that serve our users' needs on the computer or on the go. We are proud to provide an opportunity for our programmers to share their ideas with the world. Our need to share our ideas fuels our continued efforts as a company to be the very best we can be. As we move forward we seek to continue our growth and progression to provide software users everywhere with new and interesting experiences. There has never been a better time for innovation!